“The communications strategy for WaterAid was an outstanding piece of work”
Jo Ghandi, Financial Director, WaterAid

We have written communications and marketing strategies for:

• WaterAid
• Haysom Ward Miller Architects
• United Nations Environment
Programme (UNEP-WCMC)
Without a strategy for your communications and marketing, it is easy to waste time and money. Forming your strategy involves pausing to think who you are wanting to reach, with which messages, and how – rather than just assuming “we need a brochure”.
This does not have to be a lengthy or costly process. But it makes every penny you spend work far more effectively – and gives you peace of mind.
Wateraid needed to differentiate from other aid agencies also working with African organisations to deliver safe drinking water and sanitation in some of the poorest parts of the world. We looked at what Wateraid’s special offering was and produced a communications plan that the WaterAid Financial Director, Joe Ghandi described as “an outstanding piece of work”.
We delivered a communications and marketing strategy to assist Cambridge-based architects Haysom Ward Miller in expanding their customer base.
UNEP-WCMC, a branch of the UN Environment Programme, are specialists in collating and analysing information about species and biodiversity worldwide. We worked with the 80 staff to deliver clearer messages about their activities. We are currently rebranding all their printed materials.